Welcome to Chepstow

You may see the streets of Chepstow every day…but how often do you actually take a good look?

With this unique photographic project, we aim to help residents and visitors to this historic area see behind the scenes. We are planning to photograph everything from local bookshops to boutiques to estate-agents, and speak with the people that run establishments throughout this market town. For us, these people are more than just local business owners – they are the fabric of our community, and therefore faces worth getting to know a little better.

A unique look at Chepstow

The idea to create this project came from a combined love of photography, storytelling, business and of course Chepstow.

We liked the idea of using pictures to tell the story of local people, and the warm and inviting residents here made this the perfect place to experiment with such a project. Thus, we are launching Story.Wales with a view to beginning our journey here, and branching out throughout Wales as word gets out.

We want to provide a unique opportunity to go beyond looking through a shop window, enabling people to really get to know the people and personalities behind Chepstow. The project is by no means isolated to just retail – we are photographing local churches, historic landmarks, and everyday scenes that make up our community. We want to use photography to bring people together, and to encourage interaction within local societies and businesses. We know that together, Chepstow has a bright future, and this unique project is our way of contributing to that future.

Want to get involved? We are always looking to hear from people who’d like to play a part in this exciting community-based project! There’s no cost associated with getting involved, and there are number of ways you can participate:

Invite us along!

If you run a shop, business, local charity, community group or other venture that you want to bring attention to, get in touch. We’ll happily come to photograph you in your space, and talk to you more about what it is you do. The photos and interview will make their way into our archive, making it easy for people to find you online in our local directory of sorts.

It is our goal to not only take as many photographs as possible in 2016, but also to reach as many people as possible, too. We want to bridge gaps in the community, support local businesses and organisations, and breathe new life into and enthusiasm about Chepstow.

We hope you will join us on this venture into new and unchartered territory, so get in touch and say hello!

Who's behind Story.Wales?

David Smith

An entrepreneur with an keen interest in digital. Director of Made Responsively, a web development agency in Bristol and Co-founder of Crocodile, the walking bus app. Lives in Chepstow.

Natalia Smith

A professional photographer, specialising in Asian wedding photography. Lives in Chepstow